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21 July 1988
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the girl

my name is krista. i'm twenty. i am a junior at the university of southern maine with a major in theatre.

things that i like

theatre; acting, costume design, set design, lighting, make-up, play-writing. art; drawing, photography, painting. music; mostly just listening, some singing, poorly playing guitar. making others laugh.

music that i like

the clash, the decemberists, andrew bird, catherine feeny, the weepies, stars, architecture in helsinki, portishead, bright eyes, modest mouse, wilco, ted leo and the pharmacists, jump little children, feist, ben folds (five), regina spektor, xploding plastix, neutral milk hotel, the magnetic fields, gorillaz, the american analog set, voxtrot, franz ferdinand, broken social scene, the toasters, the mountain goats, gregory and the hawk, reel big fish, lily allen, cibo matto, eisley, okkervil river, beirut, sondre lerche, sneaker pimps, gogol bordello, damien rice, paolo nutini, sara bareilles, dethklok, the white stripes, justin timberlake, daft punk, iron and wine, ingrid michaelson, adam green, joe strummer & the mescaleros, umphrey's mcgee, the national, trembling blue stars

tv that i like

skins, lost, weeds, scrubs, arrested development, the office, frisky dingo, the venture bros, metalocalypse, family guy

movies that i like

anything with buster keaton, dead poet's society, anchorman, harry potter, breakfast at tiffany's, blues brothers, the life aquatic, wet hot american summer, the ten, the muppet movie, shaun of the dead, 300, hot fuzz, angel a, persepolis, little miss sunshine, there will be blood

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