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I more or less start a new journal every time I feel like I've really changed.
Over the school year it  tends to be left forgotten and unused, but in the summer I find myself spending much of my free time alone, writing.
Last summer I was a whiney little bitch.
I don't think I'll take that route this year.
No, this year is going to be better.
But why?
Well, for one, I haven't a recently smushed heart to tend to.
Two, I highly doubt to be slipping back into my eating disorder.
And three, I actually have a sense of self-worth and a close set of friends I know I can turn to.

On a less depressing note, I'm getting a new digital camera tomorrow.
On a more depressing note, with the economy being the shit-filled suck fest that it is, I am reduced to working at McDonalds again this summer.
No glorious summer-stock gig acting in several plays at once, not even a job in a cute shop downtown.
I was too late auditioning for summer-stock and no one wants to hire a college kid with plans to leave in the fall.
So I will be selling premature heart disease for the fourth summer straight.

Oh well?
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I'm glad to hear it :]
At least you have a job bub! Unlike my hobo ass...
I know what you mean about the job situation!
I'm having the same problem. No one wants to hire me, as I'm leaving in September. It's frustrating.