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I know, I know, it's been a while.
I do that sometimes.

But hey, dear readers,
I have found a boy that holds my hand as tightly as I hold his.
I mean it, guys, I don't think I've ever felt this way before.
Sure, I've had boyfriends.
I've loved some of them, even.
But this.
This is something else.
And I feel so crazy for feeling this way so soon.
We've only been "together" for about two months, yet I feel like we already know so much about each other.
We are free to be mad or sad or happy around each other.

Over Christmas break, I was visiting my dad and step-mother, and her and I got to talking about him, and she asked if I thought he was the one.
At the time I just laughed it off, it was extremely early on and it wasn't even crossing my mind.
However, she mentioned how when you know, you really do just know.

And, still, it having been only two months.
I think I am falling in love with him.
No. I don't think. I know. I know I am falling in love with him.
Which both excites and scares me.
There are times when I don't think I can hold him tight enough.

Here goes nothin'.
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I have grown more determined than ever to make it.
I mean, I'm twenty years old, for Christ's sake.
By the time I graduate, I will be almost twenty-three.

I am simply itching to act again.
And I won't lie, it was The Dark Knight that lit this fire currently under my ass.
Before you say anything, it's not stupid that I feel this way.
When I started taking acting seriously, I began to look at everything very carefully.
I can very rarely get lost in movie plots and just live in that moment.
I am critiquing. I am studying. I am constantly learning.
I spent a good portion of Heath Ledger's time on screen with my mouth ajar, bewitched by his acting.
It pains me a bit to know that not everyone will (or can) truly and fully appreciate just how fucking talented he was in this role.

Also, I may have totally gotten a girl-boner for Christian Bale.
And as usual protocol with my girl-boner inspiring crush-types, for the following weeks, I watch nearly every work they have been a part of and dissect them, hoping that they actually deserve to be where they are.
I must admit, often times they do not.
However, Christian Bale is simply incredible.
If you look only at his Bruce Wayne/Batman, you might beg to differ-NOT because he lacks talent, but because you have yet to see his range.
For example, American Psycho.
Not to jam this down your throat or anything, but this is one of the most intense monologues I have ever seen...

I'm going to stop there.
It's past three in the morning, I have work tomorrow and I leave for NYC very, very early Saturday morning. And I've yet to pack.
I guess in closing, I need to figure out how to get to Los Angeles.
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chris sunglasses

before it gets out of hand...

I'm not even sure I want to see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on account of it would depress me too much that he is no longer...
Oh my god, he was 39 in 1981?

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chris sunglasses

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I more or less start a new journal every time I feel like I've really changed.
Over the school year it  tends to be left forgotten and unused, but in the summer I find myself spending much of my free time alone, writing.
Last summer I was a whiney little bitch.
I don't think I'll take that route this year.
No, this year is going to be better.
But why?
Well, for one, I haven't a recently smushed heart to tend to.
Two, I highly doubt to be slipping back into my eating disorder.
And three, I actually have a sense of self-worth and a close set of friends I know I can turn to.

On a less depressing note, I'm getting a new digital camera tomorrow.
On a more depressing note, with the economy being the shit-filled suck fest that it is, I am reduced to working at McDonalds again this summer.
No glorious summer-stock gig acting in several plays at once, not even a job in a cute shop downtown.
I was too late auditioning for summer-stock and no one wants to hire a college kid with plans to leave in the fall.
So I will be selling premature heart disease for the fourth summer straight.

Oh well?
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